Whois Lookup: Basic WHOIS lookup website, with the ability to save and share reports. Website

SSH Security Monitor: An experimental project to create a web interface for log monitoring. Written in Perl. VERY early development. Stats for this server

Syncretic Linux: An Arch-based Linux distro with a focus on "just-works" compatibility with Windows programs and scripts. Expected release late Q1 2019. Website

Inactive Projects:

Nurunner: A Manjaro/Arch based Linux distro using KDE. Replaced by Syncretic. Archived Website

Pastetext: A simple PHP Pastebin clone. Website

Digitally Imported/Radiotunes for Ubuntu Touch: No longer developed due to new API restrictions. Launchpad.

Minecraft Calculator: Simple (but large) redstone calculator that can add two binary numbers together. Download.