Matthew Kowal || MKXT Software Systems

Here are some projects that I work on (signed with "MKXT Software Systems" when I don't want my name prominent):

Syncretic Linux: A complete rebuild of Nurunner (see below). Many mistakes were made with Nurunner's development (like not using an automated CI system) that are being corrected in Syncretic. Expected release late Q2 2018. Website

Pastetext: A simple PHP Pastebin clone. Website

Old Projects:

Nurunner: A Manjaro/Arch based Linux distro using KDE. Replaced by Syncretic. Archived Website

Digitally Imported/Radiotunes for Ubuntu Touch: No longer developed due to new API restrictions. Launchpad.

Minecraft Calculator: Simple (but large) redstone calculator that can add two binary numbers together. Download.